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Corporate Workshops

Relevant workshops specifically tailored to your desired

workplace culture in our current times.   


                                                              Currently offering:

Stress Management Workshops

  • Better understanding of what stress looks like physically, mentally/emotionally, socially, professionally

  • Build an awareness of how stress impacts all areas of our lives

  • Tools to manage stress in within the workplace

  • Strategies to creating a new rhythm of peace and resilience in your day-to-day life


Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution Workshops

  • Strategies to improve listening skills that will diffuse confusion and confrontation

  • Tools to get and keep most people talking

  • Methods to deflect negativity with co-workers and create a more positive team environment

  • Techniques to build trust in team communication

  • Approaches to promote a calm atmosphere when tension is present


Resilience Training

  • Using the 8-spoke wellness wheel (emotional, financial, spiritual, physical, social, mental, intellectual, and occupational) as a foundation – approaches are identified and reviewed to strengthen an individual for long-term resilience against crisis’s that arise in life

  • Hope, Stability, Trust, Compassion – Using these ideas to create an environment where one can thrive


Anxiety and Depression Seminars

  • Identify symptoms of anxiety and depression

  • Understanding how a body responds when anxiety and depression are neglected

  • Real-time strategies to manage anxiety and depression

  • Tools to help others struggling with symptoms of anxiety and depression

  • Long-term methods to build life skills to prevent differing forms of anxiety and depression


Personality Assessments (DISC) with Applicational Workshops

  • Increase self-awareness

  • Develop sensitivity to the needs of co-workers

  • Minimize stress and misunderstanding with people at the office

  • Have the knowledge to place people in areas of greatest effectiveness at work

  • Manage and motivate employees

  • Recognize problematic patterns of behavior


Grief and Loss Awareness Workshops

  • Build an understanding of the grief stages

  • Identify what is “normal” grief

  • Healthy and vital routines to establish while walking through grief

  • Methods to help process the intensity of triggered emotions

  • Learn strategies to help others through grief


Compassion Fatigue and Self-care Workshops

  • Awareness of habits that contribute to compassion fatigue

  • Rebuilding after experiencing compassion fatigue

  • Preventing compassion fatigue and burnout

  • Strategies to re-train the mind for a more life balance

  • Setting boundaries that help minimize compassion fatigue

  • Develop a self-care plan and habits to avoid compassion fatigue


Post Covid Resilience in the Workplace

  • Empower employees to deal effectively with stress and overcome challenges

  • Key ingredients for personal self-care techniques to prevent burn out and improve resilience 

  • Using the DISC assessment - creating an awareness of individual personalities within a  team and the effect stress has on each personality   

  • Guidelines for developing operating procedures for escalating situations

  • Building  and sustaining resilient teams throughout difficulties

  • Creating an environment for employee success in challenging times 

  • Mindfulness and cognitive behavioral strategies promoting resilience 

  • Resources and referrals when challenges arises

Improve your selling performance

  • How your personality effects a sales approach

  • Quickly identifying the personality of customer

  • Framing sales approach based on customer’s personality

  • Overcoming objection in the context of personality

  • The value of keeping your word                                                     





Contact me for workshops options and pricing.

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