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My Story

Bring on the ADVENTURE 

Personal Fun Facts:


  • I have been married for 24 years and a mom of two teenage daughters

  • I taught elementary school in Las Vegas

  • As a family we love a good adventure - hiking, biking and camping - 

       “exploring the unexplored”

  • I’m a bit of a tea connoisseur 

  • My newest passion is taking nature photos on my hikes

  • I love to read and learn anything I can about myself, my faith, and ways to help others

  • When I am stressed I like to clean – anything :/

  • Got my first speeding ticket in 2020 – I can’t believe it took that long

  • I’m a D/I on the DISC Assessment - I like to get things done 

  • I have used my 11 years experience and knowledge as a successful business owner to champion others to take their first steps in realizing their dreams of owning a business

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Deep Creek Swallow Falls
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Formal Experience:

  • B.S. in Bible

  • B.S. in Education

  • M.A. in Community Counseling

  • Taught 2nd grade

  • 18 years as counselor

  • 11 years owner of a counseling private practice

  • Certified Life Coach

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