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Our team building workshops are designed to be tailored to meet your organization's culture. At Rowland Leadership Training and Consulting, we specialize in empowering teams by identifying their quirks and turning them into superpowers. 


Our most highly requested workshops are featured below. If you are looking for a more custom experience, we'd be happy to work with you to create the best fit for your team. 


Personality Assessments (DISC) with Applicational Workshops

  • Increase self-awareness

  • Develop sensitivity to the needs of co-workers

  • Minimize stress and misunderstanding with people at the office

  • Have the knowledge to place people in areas of greatest effectiveness at work

  • Manage and motivate employees

  • Recognize and mitigate problematic patterns of behavior

Stress Management Workshops

  • Better understanding of what stress looks like physically, mentally/emotionally, socially, professionally

  • Build an awareness of how stress impacts all areas of our lives

  • Tools to manage stress in within the workplace

  • Strategies to creating a new rhythm of peace and resilience in your day-to-day life

Reslilience Training

  • Using the 8-spoke wellness wheel (emotional, financial, spiritual, physical, social, mental, intellectual, and occupational) as a foundation

  • approaches are identified and reviewed to strengthen an individual for long-term resilience against crisis’s that arise in life
    Hope, Stability, Trust, Compassion – Using these ideas to create an environment where one can thrive

Compassion Fatigue and Self-care Workshops

  • Awareness of habits that contribute to compassion fatigue

  • Rebuilding after experiencing compassion fatigue

  • Preventing compassion fatigue and burnout

  • Strategies to re-train the mind for a more life balance

  • Setting boundaries that help minimize compassion fatigue

  • Develop a self-care plan and habits to avoid compassion fatigue

“Rock the Room” Face-to-Face Networking Like a Pro

  • Know your why

  • Develop a positive mindset

  • Increase your confidence in social circles

  • Build body language cues that draw people

  • Develop scripts for starting a conversation and keeping it going

  • Close the conversation like a rock-star

Leadership Training

  • Developing your emotional IQ for leadership

  • Building Foundational Leadership Traits – Develop Self

  • Keys to being an influencer – Develop Others

  • Conflict Management in Leadership

  • Strategies to overcoming hurdles in leadership

  • Wise habits in leadership

  • Building boundaries for successful long-term leadership

Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution Workshops

  • Strategies to improve listening skills that will diffuse confusion and confrontation

  • Tools to get and keep most people talking

  • Methods to deflect negativity with co-workers and create a more positive team

  • environment

  • Techniques to build trust in team communication

  • Approaches to promote a calm atmosphere when tension is present

Grief and Loss Awareness Workshops

  • Build an understanding of the grief stages

  • Identify what is “normal” grief

  • Healthy and vital routines to establish while walking through grief

  • Methods to help process the intensity of triggered emotions

  • Learn strategies to help others through grief

Improve Your Selling Performance

  • How your personality style impacts your sales approach

  • Quickly identifying the personality style of customer

  • Framing sales approach based on customer’s personality style

  • Overcoming objection in the context of personality

  • The power of keeping your word

What Our Clients Say

"Jen Rowland is incredibly talented in helping people understand their strengths and the strengths of others in a way that is relatable, fun, and relevant. I have attended many workshops of DISC and other personality assessments, and none were presented as well as
Jen did. I was immediately able to apply my newfound insights in my interactions with my
family, team, and customers. If you have a chance to work with Jen, I strongly encourage you to do so as it will positively transform your perceptions of others!"

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