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Jen Rowland

Corporate Trainer,

Specializing in Employee Resilience &

 Stress Management,

Licensed Counselor, Certified Life Coach

Certified Behavioral Consultant 

Owner of

Rowland Leadership Training & Consulting


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3 Session Gift Coaching Package
for Goal Setting in 2022

Was $750 Now $500! A Savings of $250!
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  • Feeling fenced in by difficulties 2020 brought you?

  • Burned out and no longer passionate about your current profession?

  • Ready to make a change, but lack the confidence to step out?

  • Dreaming of starting a business but not sure where to begin?

  • Craving a career with deeper meaning and greater purpose?

…Then it is time to make a change!!

Let’s uncover together the endless opportunities that await you.

As your coach, I will be your guide to new perspectives and assist you as you unlock dreams to take the next steps into a more fulfilled “WIDE-OPEN LIFE”.


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 In coaching you will have a space where you are free to …


Dream – without limits 

Create - goals that lead you to new adventures personally or professionally 

Fulfill – intentional next steps and receive real time feedback and support 

Celebrate – your wins and learn from the advancements you have made on

                       this Journey 


These life-giving coaching sessions provide you limitless possibilities

as you begin this new journey. 

You will experience breakthroughs that will change your perspective

and your future!

Coaching Outcomes:


  • Deeper understanding of your strengths and talents

  • A new positive perspective on your current situation

  • New habits that will promote and reinforce your new goals

  • Renewed energy and focus to support your changes

  • Feelings of freedom and empowerment

  • Clear directives for moving forward

  • Resources to keep you progressing with your goals