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The Story Behind C2C Collaborative

As a seasoned licensed counselor, I sensed a need for change. I chose to step into the realm of professional coaching. Given my extensive background and experience operating within the confines of clear ethics and the framework of HIPAA guidelines, the transition posed numerous challenges.

Moreover, I  recognized the potential for isolation that often accompanies the role of a coach, potentially compromising the quality of the support I could provide. In response, I made a resolute decision to cultivate a community of fellow coaches – a network driven by mutual support, collaboration, and unwavering encouragement.

This vision gave birth to C2C Collaborative. The privilege of collaborating with an exceptional cohort of coaches, each possessing their own unique areas of expertise, has been nothing short of an honor. This collaborative journey has not only sharpened my skills as a coach and leader but has also underscored the transformative potential that thrives within the realms of community and collaboration.

We wholeheartedly believe that as you embark on your journey with C2C Collaborative, you will experience what emerges from collective support and collaboration. It is our sincere belief that this power will propel your coaching business toward unparalleled heights of excellence.


Welcome to Your Community

C2C Collaborative is built on the belief that we can achieve so much more together than we can alone. We understand that coaching, consulting, and entrepreneurship can be lonely and challenging endeavors, which is why we provide a support system for our members. Working together, we can overcome obstacles, share knowledge and expertise, and achieve more than we ever thought possible. Our community is open to those who believe in the power of collaboration and community. Sign up today and start collaborating!

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2nd Monday of Each Month 
11:30am Lynchburg, VA

4th Monday of each month 
11:30am -12:30pm 

Urban Photographer

Coaching Certification 
Level 1
Jump-start Course 

Content for Level 1:

  • Uncovering Your Niche

  • Coaching Mindset

  • Business Basics

  • Leveraging Your Expertise

  • Utilizing your Coaching Community

  • Best Practices

  • Connecting With Your Target Market

  • Creating Your Resources

  • Audacious Goals

$2,000 for 10-week course to start your coaching journey


Are You Interested in becoming a Member
of C2C Collaborative?

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