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2023 Fall

Growth in Community

8-Month Mastermind

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Facilitator - Jen Rowland
Owner of Rowland LTC &
Founder of C2C Collaborative, Coach to coach network 

  • 20 years as a licensed mental health professional

  • Collaborates with owners and business leaders by challenging them to build their emotional intelligence (EQ) while establishing trust as the cornerstone of their organizational culture.

 Mastermind Group for Growth and Advancement 

James L. 

Jen is great at putting these groups together. There’s a great mix of professions and personalities. It’s great to be able to explain a problem, a situation, or a goal in your career and get feedback from completely different perspectives than your own. In return, it feels good to be able to do the same and offer help or suggestions to the other members of the group from your own perspective.  

Alyssa E. 

Jen is a fantastic business coach, mentor, and resource who has made a significant impact on my professional and personal growth. Her Mastermind Meetings are incredibly valuable, providing a supportive and collaborative environment for entrepreneurs and business leaders to share insights and experiences, learn from one another, and develop new strategies for success.Through Jen's guidance and expertise, I have gained invaluable insights and tools to help me overcome challenges, identify new opportunities, and achieve my goals. Her dedication, passion, and knowledge make her an outstanding leader in her field, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have her as a mentor and resource!

Holley S.

Jen’s instruction through the Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Academy is exactly what I needed to help me grow as an aspiring leader. Her training is relevant, practical, and relatable to working professionals at any point in their careers. She is also reflective in her craft, an active listener, and has a gift for helping people find their true potential. With her background in counseling, she has tremendous experience working with people of varying backgrounds and personality styles. I’m grateful for the opportunity to connect with Jen, especially on my own personal journey to become a dynamic leader. 

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