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Interested in having our principal, Jen Rowland, speak at your next event? Jen is a Former Educator, Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Life Coach, and Certified Behavioral Consultant. She empowers teams by helping them develop influential and insightful leaders. Her key foundational principals strengthen business leaders in rebuilding and retaining their teams. 


Jen's premiere talks are highlighted below. Inquire to learn more about having Jen speak at your next event.

WIDE-OPEN – Stepping into a Life of Possibilities

This talk inspires listeners to:

  • Know their true self

  • Own their strengths, limitations and giftings

  • Live it out - find ways to use who they are to serve and inspire others to not settle but live out their best!

Building Boundaries for Business Success

  • Creating personal sustainability for the long-term

  • Developing healthy rhythm to reach your goals

  • Identify and overcome what is limits you

Cultivating Thriving Teams in This New World

Business owners, HR and managers will learn:

  • the value of improving their emotional IQ

  • strategies to strengthen strained communication

  • obtain new tools to deal with stress professionally and personally

  • enhance their work environment to create loyal teams

What Our Clients Say

"Jen is an exceptional public speaker and teacher.

She is kind, relational, and helps others work together personally and professionally."

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